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Until 15 January 2024, you will receive a one-time discount of -7% on your next Tined Weeder Pro harrow. The discount is valid on all models:
VS 150, VS 300, VS 470, VS 600, VS 750, VS 900, VS 1200

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Mechanical weed control for professionals

The Tined Weeder Pro VS adjusts with its unique tine spring system to the soil and protects the culture plant at the highest level. The tine pressure remains constant at different tine levels. As a result, crops planted on ridges, such as the potato, can be harrowed.

The tine pressure is identical on the ridge crown, ridge flanks and in the furrow.
With the tine spring system, the tines can be lifted. In contrast to the conventional Tined Weeders, the harrow tine is indirectly spring-loaded and pivots within the frame. This leads to a unique weed removal experience.

Benefits of the Tined Weeder Pro

  • Sophisticated tine spring system guarantees identical tine pressure 
  • Each tine has its own spring package
  • Hydraulic tine pressure setting
  • Longer wear tip  → longer lifetime
  • Crops planted on ridges are protected, since the spring unit is mounted above the frame → high passage
  • No lateral deflection of the tines in case of unevenness, furrows or crops planted on ridges


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The big harrow comparison test - Top scores for the Tined Weeder Pro 2023

Landwirt-Media, one of the most trusted agricultural magazines in Austria, has independently and extensively tested five manufacturers of harrows with indirect tine spring systems.

The APV Vario harrow was absolutely convincing in the test, as shown in the table on the next page. This test result was achieved in completely independent tests and was not influenced in any way by APV itself (apart from the development of an absolutely effcient harrow).

These 5 harrows were tested


More details + score table

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