Implement Carrier

Our Implement Carrier MT2 M1 allows a flexible use of our Pneumatic Seeders (PS) and can therefore be optimally used in combination with a variety of trailed tillage implements. On the tillage implement itself, only the hoses and the dispersion plates have to be mounted. Within a very short time the implements can be driven solo.

The APV Implement Carrier is carried at the three-point of the tractor, whereby the weight of the Pneumatic Seeder is not on the implement itself, but it is taken over by the Implement Carrier. Consequently, a weight relief is created on the machine what optimizes all axle loads and weights.

The Implement Carrier provides space for a Pneumatic Seeder with a capacity of 120 litres to 1,600 litres. Our PS equipment is suitable for the application of a wide variety of seeds and they are the ideal working tool for EU-required greening measures. The distribution of fertiliser is also possible with our Pneumatic Seeders. Therefore, we offer a special corrosion-resistant fertiliser version which is available in a capacity of 120 litres to 800 litres.


Benefits of the Implement Carrier

  • No mounting of the Pneumatic Seeder right on the implement necessary
  • Optimization of axle loads and weights
  • Pulling force enhancement through weight action on the towing vehicle
  • The implements can be separated and driven solo very fast
  • Seeding combination with various cultivation implements (cultivator, disc harrow, roller, strip till coulters, etc.)

MT2 M1

Vorschau des Maschinenträger MT2 M1

The Practical Implement Carrier

The Implement Carrier MT2 M1 allows the flexible use of APV Pneumatic Seeders (PS), as they need not to be mounted right on the pulled soil tillage implements. Only the hose routing and the dispersion plate have to be attached to the implement.

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