Rotary Weeder RW 600 | 900 | 1200 M1

The RW Rotary Weeder removes weeds with its diagonally arranged rotating harrow rings. Its robust design allows it to be also used for crust breaking.

Functional Principle

The ingenious spring system allows almost constant pressure over the entire spring stroke of up to 25 kg working pressure per ring. The unique angle adjustment of the harrow rings ensures extremely accurate adjustment across the entire working width. The Rotary Weeder is perfect for farms with a lot of organic matter (cover crops, straw, etc.) in the main crop.


  • Rotary Weeder for large amounts of crop residue and in more humid conditions
  • Continuous crust breaking
  • Constant pressure over the entire spring stroke
  • Adjustable from 0° to 30° in 7.5° increments and 5 positions
  • Working pressure individually adjustable on each harrow ring (row crops)
  • Evenly adjustable working pressure over the entire working width (drill crops)


  • Weed control even in the crop row
  • Adjustable constant working pressure up to 25 kg per hoe ring
  • Mobilisation of plant available nutrients
  • Individual harrow rings can be set in height
  • Low power requirement
  • Harrow ring technology across the entire working width → no additional tines required


  • Centre of gravity close to tractor
  • Integrated V-folding for the headland
  • Low wear construction
  • Scraper prevents clogging
  • Water saving operation
  • Toolless quick adjustment with lock
  • Clogging free even with heavy weeds
  • Maintenance-free bearing of the rings
  • Avoidance of lateral pulling forces due to mirrored arrangement of rings

Information about the
Rotary Weeder

2 double-acting control units are required for folding (RW 600 M1)
3 double-acting control units are required for foldin (RW 900 M1, RW 1200 M1)


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