Crop Protection & Fertilisation

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The precise application of seeds, fertiliser and crop protection granules helps you obtain excellent yield.

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Precise Metering with Excellent Lateral Distribution

The precise spreading of seeds, fertiliser and plant protection granules helps you obtain excellent yield. With the Pneumatic Seeders of the fertiliser edition from APV you apply your spreading material efficiently and in an environmentally friendly way. APV helps you in using your equipment efficiently. Fewer crossings through the combined use of the seeder on a soil tilling implement or a seed drill means your work duration, the device wear, as well as the soil compaction are reduced and you save fuel.


The Right Device for Every Professional

All versions of the PS Fertiliser Edition from APV are characterised by:

  • The entire seeder is airtight and non-corrosive: All powder-coated parts are protected with a non-corrosive CDP coating (standard in the car industry).
  • All standard parts, the agitator and the brush adjustment are made of stainless steel.
  • Precise metering and exact lateral distribution across the entire working width.
  • Universal mounting options on almost all implements, such as seed drills, single grain machines, culture maintenance implements, soil tillage implements or harvesters - irrespective of manufacturer.
  • Easy adjustment & comfortable calibration test.