Hoe Mechanical | Hoe Steered

The hoe’s simple and compact design allows it to be adapted to the farmer’s individual needs.

Functional Principle

The specially designed chopping coulters enable very shallow, low evaporation cultivation between the rows, while reliably cutting weeds and protecting the crop. A special feature of the Hoe Steered HS is the Claas camera control system. Combined with the extremely compact linear frame, it makes hoeing precise, fast and comfortable.


  • Optimised chopping coulters ensure very flat and water saving operation
  • Very good intake due to chopping coulters under the parallelogram
  • HS: Claas camera control/row guidance
  • HS: Section control (optional)


  • Additional spring pressure on the chopping elements possible
  • Innovative in-row chopping unit with multiple adjustment options
  • Left and right side fold independently


  • Lightweight and compact due to high quality materials
  • Backlash free cutting elements
  • Compact folding
  • Centre of gravity close to tractor
  • Chopping element pressure easily adjustable via springs
  • Wear resistant Hardox steel shares

Information about the
Hoe Mechanical | Hoe Steered

One double-acting control unit with volume control is required for the linear slide frame (HS 3004, HS 3006).
Two double-acting control units are required for folding (HM 4506, HM 4508, HM 6008, HM 6012).
Two double-acting control units and one double-acting control unit with flow control are required for folding (HS 4506, HS 4508, HS 6008, HS 6012).


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