PS 500 M2

The PS 500 M2 is an excellent implement for farmers with large surfaces as well as for contractors. The seeder is ideal for combined use on different soil tillage implements. A standard installed fill level sensor (for use with control box 1.2 & 5.2 & 6.2) issues a timely alert signalling an empty hopper.

Functional Principle

The seeds are fed from the seed hopper via the electrically controlled seeding shaft into the air duct. The seeds are conveyed by air support through plastic hoses to the dispersion plates, and then evenly distributed close to the soil. This enables precise seeding even in windy conditions!


  • Exact lateral distribution throughout the working width
  • Precise spreading of seed, irrespective of wind


  • Multiple options to adjust the PS to your needs, due to a wide selection of seeding shafts, types of fan, outlets, etc.
  • Mounting option on almost all soil tillage implements, seeders and culture maintenance implements - irrespective of manufacturer


  • Speed-adjusted seed rate spreading & headland management with sensors1 (optional)

1 For use with the Control Box 5.2 & 6.2

Application Areas of
PS 500 M2

The Pneumatic Seeder in Action

APV users about PS 500 M2

PS 500 M2
Works very precisely

Focal points of the farm: Arable farming

Country: Germany (DE)

Summary: The device works very precisely and is easy to operate.

Original language: German


Works great

Business focus: Arable farming

Country: New Zealand (NZL)

Summary: The machine works great

Original language: English


150 ha catch crop annually

Main focus of the company: Arable farming

The seeder runs on a Kerner Helix 450 and I will sow about 150 hectares of catch crop per year.

Farmer from Germany


Neues Sägerät für 100 ha Zwischenfrucht erhalten PS 500 M2
Mister Hochauer recommends the Pneumatic Seeder PS 500 M2

Main focus of the company: Arable farming, fodder production, dairy farming, cattle breeding

I have mounted the PS 500 M2 on my power harrow and use it to sow catch crops and forage directly in front of the packer roller. Plus it additionally presses the seed. The field emergence is excellent!

Mr. Hochauer, Farmer from Austria


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Mister Redl recommends the APV PS 500 M2 for catch crop

Main focus of the company: Arable farming, fodder production

The perfect machine for catch crops.

Hr. Redl, farmer from Austria


APV Anwenderbericht für Pneumatisches Sägerät PS 500 M2
Mr. Esser recommends APV PS 500 M2

Main company focus: Cultivation

We use the Apv spreader when planting and sowing our vegetables to apply nitrogen fertilizer directly at planting. This allows us to save between 10 and 20% of fertilizer, because we only apply fertilizer where there are plants.

In late summer autumn, the spreader is then mounted on our cultivator, a Köckerling Trio 300, to sow ZF mixtures and green rye.

Currently, we are considering, for the coming season, for our new hoe to purchase another tax to be able to apply fertilizer while hoeing. Then we can better split the individual gave without having additional passes.

Mr. Esser, Farmer from Germany


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Mr. Duhamel recommends APV PS 500 M2

Main company focus: Agriculture

Good product, precise settings.

Mr.Duhamel, Farmer from France


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Austrian family Hartner reports about their positive user expirience with their PS 500 M2 and their MDC 40 M1

"We are glad, working with our APV machines that we could always rely on so far. Thankfully there have always been spare parts available in case of need, especially for our 4th seeder. "

Family Hartner, farmer


APV Pneumatisches Sägerät privater Erfahrungsbericht
Mr Boschetto reports about the PS 500 M2

"The PS 500 M2 fits 100% into my operating concept: promoting water-saving tillage, establishing plant-based benefits, despite seasonal time pressure and promoting humus build-up. The investment was already profitable after the first season. "

L. Boschetto, Farmer


Pneumatische Sägerät PS 500 M2 aufgebaut auf einen Bodenbearbeitungsgerät
Mr Luyk reports about the PS 500 M2

"I work with the PS 500 M2 on my 200 ha farm with the focus on vegetables. I choose a device from APV to seed my catch crops accurately and efficiently. The precision and easy operation of the seeder is great."

B.V. Luyk, Farmer


Das Pneumatische Sägerät PS 500 M2 bei der Saat von Zwischenfrüchten
Mr Lichtenberger reports about the PS 500 M2

"The flexibility and accuracy of my PS 500 M2 (hydraulic) increase my efficiency in operation! The PS is the heart of my system, dam culture after 'Turiel'."

C. Lichtenberger, Farmer


Das pneumatische Sägerät PS 500 M2 bei der Bodenbearbeitung
Mr Luciano reports about the PS 500 M2

"I bought the APV PS 500 M2 (hydraulically) because it is compatible with my other tillage equipment and it allows me, for example, to seed grain and catch crops in one pass! I'm excited!"

V. Luciano, Farmer


Das pneumatische Sägerät PS 500 M2 bei dem Anbau von Zwischenfrüchten
Mr Koch reports about the PS 500 M1

"I mainly use the spreader for seeding on the grassland, but also for seeding catch crops in autumn. This year we try to seed oats in our bean stock, because the beans are drilled deeper with the machine and the oats are only seeded flat."

D. Koch, Farmer


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