GW 250 M1

Cambridge rollers or toothed ring rollers from APV are the perfect choice for professional field and grassland operations, in order to selectively improve the ground contact and thus the seed germination. Both types of rollers are ideal for use in field and grassland operations and provide a good, crumbly seed bed structure as well as optimum recompacting.

Functional Principle

With a mounted seeder, the seed is spread directly behind the harrow rows and in front of the roller. The last working step of pressing down the seed is then performed by the trailing roller.


  • Optimal soil adjustment of the roller through movable roller rings


  • Combination with an APV front harrow possible
  • Combination with an APV seeder (PS or MD) possible


  • Same frame for GW 250 M1 and GW 300 M1 (possibility of upgrade from GW 250 M1 to GW 300 M1 is available)

Application Areas of
GW 250 M1

APV users about GW 250 M1

GW 250 M1
Application from the "exotic corner"

Greening in a banana plantation in Martinique with the Grassland Roller GW 250 M1 - a practice that already prevails in Martinique. Martinique is a French overseas department in the Caribbean.

Greening in a banana plantation, Martinique




Anwender, Grünlandwalze GW 250 M1 in einer Bananenplantage

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