GP 300 M1

The Grassland Pro Harrow meets today‘s requirements of intensive maintenance of meadows in professional farming and contracting. Due to the unique combination of strong 12 mm tines and 8 mm tines, the grass sward is processed to the optimum. The trailing roller asures the reconsolidation and soil contact with the seeds.

Functional Principle

With the Grassland Pro Harrow, you can handle all steps required for grassland maintenance in one crossing. It combines harrow and roller in one. The levelling plate levels molehills and distributes the soil equally. Due to this preliminary work, the tines are able to work optimally. They comb out weeds and counteract thatching, as well as aerate the sward. With the Pneumatic Seeder, you are able to sow the desired seeds of forage grasses in the open soil and afterwards, the roller presses the seeds into the ground.


  • The Grassland Pro Harrow is the most efficient method of reseeding in crop farming.
  • Level molehills or asperities with the spring-mounted levelling plate.


  • The combination of 5 work passes (evelling, pulling out, seeding, harrowing and rolling) in one step!
  • Combine the APV Grassland Pro Harrow with a Pneumatic Seeder from APV.
  • Multiple adjustment options: Obtain an optimal result for all requirements.


  • Both, the roller and the harrow can be lifted separately in order to load the other tool with additional weight.

Application Areas of
GP 300 M1

The Grassland Pro Harrow
GP 300 M1 in Action

APV users about GP 300 M1

GP 300 M1
Wide range of applications

Farm specialisations: Arable farming, cattle breeding, horse breeding, poultry breeding, fodder production

Country: Czech Republic (CZ)

Summary: I am an organic farmer. I use the APV Grassland Professional for reseeding permanent grassland as well as for regular spring maintenance and, last but not least, for sowing catch crops after the grain harvest. I also use the harrow for the maintenance of cereals. Both machines work excellently and I am very satisfied with them. They have a really wide range of applications.

Original language: Czech


The machine deserves huge praise.

Farm focus: Arable farming, horse breeding, fodder production, cattle breeding

Country: Czech Republic

Field report / message: I use the machine for maintaining permanent grassland and for sowing catch crops. My experience so far has been good. This is our second of three APV spreaders. The exact application rate deserves huge praise.

Original (CZ): Polní hospodářství, Chov koní, Pěstování krmiva, Chov skotu Stroj využívám k péči o trvalé travní porosty a pro setí meziplodin. Zkušenost mám zatím dobrou.


Mister Steinecker recommends the Grassland Pro Harrow GP 300 M1

Main focus of the company: Arable farming, fodder production, cattle breeding

I have been working with the APV GP 300 M1 since 2011 and I am really satisfied with it! I use the GP for reseeding, grassland rehabilitation (intensive cultivation) and also for planting field forage. I have even planted grain with it.

Mr. Steinecker, Farmer from Austria


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Austrian farmer reports about his GP 300 M1, PS 300 M1 and MDD 100 M1

"The products are versatile and very easy to use. I use the GP300M1 in grassland and arable farming and  I am more than satisfied with the result. The PS300M1 and MDD 100 M1 are also simple in construction and very easy to control. The APV products are well thought out and very robustly built."

Mr.Klaus, farmer from Austria


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Mr Hutter reports about the GP 300 M1

" I need the GP 300 M1 for grassland replanting. The time of overseeding is in spring before the beginning of the vegetation or in late summer. According to my experience, the common bluegrass is better off in late summer and the growth pressure of the existing meadow is also lower. The machine is used annually on natural meadows and pastures. Our farm size is 35 ha, mainly grassland for 35 dairy cows and young cattle. The machine is used and rented in own use. I appreciate the 4 tine rows with the 12 & 8 mm tines on the machine as well as the easy handling of the PS 300 with the control module 5.2."

F. Hutter, Farmer


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