GK 400 M1

Successful grassland management forms the basis for good forage quality and high yields. The GK 400 M1 grassland combi expands the product range with a working width of 4 metres. The GK 400 M1 is particularly suitable for larger areas and for use across farms.

This machine, which impresses with its compact and lightweight design, completes up to 5 work steps in a single pass and therefore saves time and money. The machine consists of 2 harrow rows with levelling plate and a following roller. Harrow and roller can be used in combination.

Mode of operation

Levelling - harrowing - aeration - seeding - rolling

Rough unevenness is removed with the levelling plate. The two rows of tines with either 10 mm or 12 mm tines remove unwanted grasses and weeds from the crop and create an optimum seedbed for possible reseeding. When the seed drill is mounted, the seed is sown between the last harrow row and the roller. The final operation, pressing on the seed, is then carried out by the trailing roller. The rigid frame of the machine means that there are no folding points that require maintenance.

Adjustment options

The GK 400 M1 offers a wide range of adjustment options. For example, the height of the levelling plate can be adjusted via a crank. The working intensity of the tines is adjusted mechanically without tools via the perforated linkage. The working depth of the tines is adjusted via the hydraulic cylinder of the roller. Additional fine adjustment of the working depth/harrow intensity while driving is possible via the settings of the tractor three-point linkage. The adjustment of the GK from gentle to intensive is thus possible from the tractor seat.


  • 2 rows of tines - Compact design
  • Different configuration options of 10 or 12 mm tines
  • Adjustment of the working depth via hydraulic cylinder of the roller
  • Additional support load of the roller has a positive effect on the work of the harrow: the harrow lies quietly and does not sway
  • Self-cleaning toothed roller
  • Almost complete recompaction and pressing of the seed with toothed roller
  • Optimum ground adaptation of the roller


  • Removable roller for use as a harrow or separate use of the roller.
  • Machine can be parked in coupled condition and separately (harrow and roller separately). The harrow can be parked on the tines, the roller is equipped with parking supports.
  • Can be used with APV pneumatic seed drills up to 500 litres - with electric or hydraulic fan



  • Rigid frame - no maintenance-prone folding points
  • Easily adjustable levelling plate by means of a crank handle

  • Prepared and optimally matched for APV seeder

  • Rope as tine loss protection

  • Only one double-acting control unit required for roller adjustment (except pneumatic seeder with hydraulic fan)

Application Areas of
GK 400 M1

Pay attention to the road traffic regulations - transport width over 4 m!


A double-acting control unit required for roller adjustment
A single-acting control unit with pressureless return required for PS with hydraulic fan (optional)


The Grassland Combi
GK 400 M1 in Action

APV users about the GK 400 M1