GK 300 M1

The Grassland Combi consists of a two-row harrow with a levelling plate and a roller. Your advantage with APV: The harrow and roller can be used combined at the rear. However, you can also use the two implements separately at the front and rear using the front mounting accessory. The trailing roller can always be used separately, e.g. for field crops. The GK 300 M1 is also often used for multi-farm operations. On steep terrain or with smaller tractors, there is the option of dividing the Grassland Combi.


Functional Principle

Coarse unevenness is eliminated with the levelling plate. Then the 2 harrow rows with the 12 mm tines produce an optimal seedbed for possible reseeding and at the same time, they comb the weeds out of the crop. With a mounted seeder, the seed is spread directly behind the harrow rows and in front of the roller. The last working step of pressing the seed down is then performed by the trailing roller.


  • Infinitely variable adjustment of the working depth of the roller
  • Depth, pressure and aggression adjustment of the tines is done in stages via bolts in the hole pattern


  • Harrow at the front and roller at the rear achieves improved weight distribution. The centre of gravity lies close to the tractor.
  • Combine the work passes (levelling, combing out, seeding, combing in and rolling), as you require.



  • The roller and harrow can be divided, fastened and mounted without tools.
  • The operations can be freely combined, e.g. only levelling and rolling or only harrowing and rolling, etc.

Application Areas of
GK 300 M1

The Grassland Combi
GK 300 M1 in Action

APV users about GK 300 M1

GK 300 M1
Convinced of the loss-free spreading of the seed

Focal points of the farm: Cattle breeding, dairy farming

Country: Austria (AT)

Summary: In order to provide our dairy cows with high-quality, nutrient- and protein-rich forage, early mowing is essential. As this only results in a low seed yield, we purchased the grassland combi to maintain or increase the yield. After three years of use, the machine can no longer be turned away. We are particularly impressed by the loss-free seed placement in all weather conditions, the simple operation and the high quality of the machine.

Original language: German


Super results!

Focal points of the farm: Dairy cattle farming

Country: Austria (AT)

Conclusion: Super results! I am very satisfied.

Original language: German


Mr. Schild is convinced of the Grassland Combination Harrow GK 300 M1

Main focus of the company: Dairy farming

Optimal device for reseeding grassland stands.

Mr. Schild, farmer from Austria


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Mr. Gruber appreciates the flexibility of his Grassland Combination Harrow GK 300 M1

Main focus of the company: Arable farming, forage production, dairy farming, cattle breeding, Dairy Farming

The grassland reseeding device was purchased in the spring of 2021. We are very satisfied with the many and at the same time quick and easy adjustment options. With the operation of the terminal 5.2 it is easy to adjust the seed rate. The grassland combi is mainly used in grassland, but also for reseeding in fields.

Mr. Gruber, farmer from Austria


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Mr. Hartlieb is very impressed with his Greenland Combi GK 300 M1

Main focus of the company: Dairy Farming

An impressive machine with top quality! Perfectly finished and thought out! Am thrilled and my customers are very satisfied! Due to the split combination it is easily possible to drive very steep fields! Top machines.

Mr. Hartlieb, farmer from Austria


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Austrian farmer Böhm-Schmid reports about the Grassland Combi GK 300 M1

"We are very satisfied with our Grassland Combi and will always recommend to other farmers."

G. Böhm-Schmid, farmer in Austria


APV Erfahrungsbericht Grünlandkombi GK 300 M1
Mr Köck reports about the GK 300 M1 and the MDP 100 M1

"After combating the grubs with mushroom barley, the meadow is getting fit again, thanks to our new GK 300 M1. The machine ring has the mushroom barley approx. 2-5cm in with the slot machine the ground was worked in and then it was newly created with the APV machine."

F. Köck, farmer


Grassland Combi GK 300 M1 reseeding grassland
Mr Schacherl reports about the GK 300 M1

"My choose the GK, because I can work on the grassland and green the field.The spring-mounted levelling plate and the trailing roller enables for perfect crumbling are best, and the price - performance ratio also convinces me.

J. Schacherl, Landwirt


Mr Eder reports about the GK 300 M1

You might think this is a holiday photo, but not this one with the Rax in the background. This is Mr Eders workstation and he poses with our APV device  GK 300 M1 and the Pneumatic Planter PS 200 M1.
Thanks for the submission!

S. Eder, Farmer


Mr Eder reports about the GK 300 M1

"We came to this machine, because it is important for us that we have a good stock of grass on our land. So we looked at reviews on Landwirt.com, and then we contacted the distributor in our area and bought the GK. In our area, no one uses such an machine, so we drive with this device also to other farms. "

J. Eder, Farmer


Mr Schödel reports about the WS 300 M1 (Now a part of the GK)

"The Grassland Combi is attached by an Steyr Compact. We use it two times each year, before and after the horses were on the pastures. We can easily cultivate our meadows with it. The meadows for the hay, are harrowed and seeded in spring. We have decided on the pneumatic seeder, because it ensures that the seed is deposited precisely and in a well-distributed manner, even in the case of wind. The combination was chosen for time reasons to do everything at once. "

S. Schödel, Farmer




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