PS 800 M1 D

The PS 800 M1 D with 800 l capacity has the largest hopper volume of the Pneumatic Seeders of the APV Fertiliser Edition. All components are perfectly adapted for intensive use. The seeder is equipped with 16 outlets, a strong hydraulic fan and a steel hopper, as well as many other extras.

Functional Principle

The seeds are fed from the seed hopper via the electrically controlled seeding shaft into the air duct. The seeds are conveyed by air support through plastic hoses to the dispersion plates, and then evenly distributed close to the soil. This enables precise seeding even in windy conditions!


  • Hermetic sealing especially for spreading fertilisers, micro granules and pesticides
  • Exact lateral distribution throughout the working width
  • Precise spreading of seed, irrespective of wind
  • The entire seeder is airtight and non-corrosive: All powder-coated parts are protected with a non-corrosive CDP coating (standard in the car industry)
  • All standard parts, the agitator and the brush adjustment made of stainless steel



  • Universal mounting options on almost all implements, such as seed drills, single grain machines, culture maintenance implements, soil tillage implements or harvesters - irrespective of manufacturer
  • Can also be used for the seeding of catch crops


  • Speed-adjusted seed rate spreading & headland management with sensors1 (optional)
  • Easy adjustment & comfortable calibration test
  • Fill level sensor1 that reminds you on time to refill the seed
  • Spreading of large quantities of seed per hectare
  • You always have a second seeding shaft in parking position
  • Infrequent refilling due to large hopper
  • Easier filling due to largest hopper opening for big bag filling

1 For use with the Control Box 5.2 & 6.2

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PS 800 M1 D

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