AS 1200 M1

The 7 mm tines of the Tined Weeder AS 1200 M1 take care of the crucial work. They are arranged in a tine spacing of 31.25 mm and in 6 rows. The main focus is on combating unwanted weeds.

Functional Principle

The tines of the AS 1200 M1 penetrate the soil while harrowing to a maximum depth of 2-3 cm to break up and crumble the upper soil crust. This ensures better soil aeration and the capillarity is interrupted. However, the primary focus is on the control of unwanted weeds. 90 % of the weed germs are decimated naturally by pulling them out of the soil and depositing them to wither.



  • Uniform work pattern
  • Independent ground adaptation of each individual section array to ground contours
  • Larger bend angle of the tines for excellent harrow result
  • Constant ground adaptation of the harrow sections through chain suspension
  • Uniform application of pressure by the forks on the harrow sections on undulating ground due to individual suspensions and lateral compensation of each individual fork


  • Possibility to mount 6 mm, 7 mm and 8 mm tines
  • Feeler wheels that can be adjusted to the track width


  • 20 mm longer wear tips on the tines - means longer service life
  • Smooth folding due to curve control and longer hydraulic cylinders
  • Lower linkage catch tongue for easier coupling of the harrow
  • Easy central tine adjustment per section due to screwless connection
  • Lateral sections are automatically pivoted in due to parallel guidance

Application Areas of
AS 1200 M1

The Tined Weeder in Action

APV users about AS 1200 M1

AS 1200 M1
Precise setting options

Country: Austria (AT)

Conclusion: Precise setting options. Super work results and very good effect on weeds.

Original language: German


Mr Jakob reports about the AS 1200 M1

"We cultivate our farm conventionally and use the harrow mainly in spring in wheat, barley and summer barley to loosen the encrusted soil, to control weeds and to encourage tillering. We drive between  2-3 times, as needed. We chose this machine because it made a clean impression right from the start, with a simple technology and hydraulically adjustable harrow tines."

M. Jakob, Farmer


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