Summer Promotion 2024

Summer promotion for cover crop heroes

APV starts the summer with 3 big promotions.

From 15 May to 31 July 2024, you will receive our promotional models high-end model PS 300 incl. ISOBUS + electric fan PLUS, our top-selling model PS 200 M1 with electric fan or our ISOBUS upgrade set at a one-off best price.


World market leader for
cover crop seeders

Persistent drought, extreme weather, heavy rainfall, constant heat, erosion and ongoing climate change are increasingly affecting our soils.
The use of cover crop mixtures can provide efficient and cost-saving support for your soil.
When choosing your cover crop seeder, rely on the proven quality of APV.

  • Weed suppression & plant promotion
  • Humus build-up
  • Soil protection & promoting soil life
  • Improve water balance
  • Increase yields through improved soil quality
  • Save costs (lower diesel costs with fewer passes)
  • Simple and efficient use + multiple use of the pneumatic seeder