ES 100 M1 Classic

The ES 100 M1 Classic is ideal for spreading catch crops (e.g.: mustard), grass seeds, nurse crops, slug pellets and similar granules. The working width can be adjusted to fulfill relevant requirements from the driver’s seat via the control box. The seeding density can be adjusted quickly and easily via a metering shutter on the device.

Functional Principle

The plastic hopper ensures the low weight of the entire spreader. It contains the spreading material, which securely reaches the metering shutter through an agitator. You can control the spread rate with the stepless metering shutter. The spreading material falls on the spreading disc and is distributed equally across the working width. The speed of the spreading disc and thus the working width are easy to set from the driver’s seat via the control box.


  • Achieve a precise seed distribution also on small working widths due to the large adjustment range of the throwing vanes and the straight spreading disc.
  • User-friendly due to the simple instructions
  • Straightforward adjustment of the working width from the driver’s seat


  • Large filling opening
  • Hopper discharge port
  • Ready to use at delivery: Extensive standard scope of delivery (cabling, control box, mounting parts, etc.)
  • Fast and straightforward assembly
  • Combined use with almost any soil tillage implement possible - This saves time and money!


  • Speed (rpm) measurement, regulation and control via the control box
  • Straightforward adjustment of the working width from the driver’s seat
  • No firmly tapped spreading material through automatic start
  • Use the APV app to calculate the RPM and disc setting without distribution tables

Application Areas of
ES 100 M1 Classic

APV users about ES 100 M1 Classic

ES 100 M1 Classic
Device is quickly ready for use

Focal points of the farm: Arable farming, dairy farming

Country: Netherlands (NDL)

Conclusion: The APV ES 100 M1 classic is a very good addition to my Greenkeeper. It is easy to operate and the device is efficient. The machine is quickly ready for use, so you can get to work quickly.
The reseeded greens look dense and even. Even with grass seed. The biggest advantage of the APV spreader is that it spreads over the entire working width, creating a full sward.

Original language: Dutch





No longer indispensable

Main focus: Arable farming

Country: Austria

Field report / news: Greening and ploughing in one pass thanks to APV. The spreader is indispensable.


Mister Becker recommends the Single Disc Seeder ES 100 M1

Main focus of the company: Arable farming, fodder farming

We in the groundwater protection consulting gladly implement field attempts together with the farmers.
Since we first have to partially inspire the farmers, we try a simple and quick establishment of catch crops in the combined method. And this is where the single-disc spreader comes into play. Variable, fast, simple, uncomplicated, inexpensive and in the end with the result of groundwater protection for the farmer.

Mr. Becker, Farmer from Germany


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German farmer reports about positive expirience with his ES 100 M1 Classic

"Very price efficient catch crops with best results. "

Mr. Rodenberg, farmer from Germany


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Mr Koch reports about the ES 100 M1 Classic

"I use the single-disc spreader on the front hydraulic system of the tractor for the additional use in spreading liquid manure, as well as for harrowing. I am very satisfied with it. "

J. Koch, farmer


Mr Pötzsch reports about the ES 100 M1 Classic

The application starts  in spring by seeding the grass on small grassland areas, which are difficult to manage with our seed drill. At the end of April for the first-crop corn sowing, we used the ES 100 M1 Classic for sowing the under-sowing. On smaller areas, we use the spreader to apply blends, which are then treated with a Camebridge roller. After rapeseed sowing, we use the device on all surfaces for spreading slug pellets. Finally, with the ES 100 M1 Classic, we have found a universal machine that suits to our farm. After some discussions with other farmers and APV users in the region, we did not find it difficult to decide on the ES 100 M1 Classic .

E. Pötzsch, Farmer


Der Einscheibenstreuer ES 100 M1 Classic bei der Ausbringung der Untersaat

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