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The Multi-Metering System MDD combines the advantages of a Pneumatic Seeder and a Disc Spreader: Precise metering is performed by a seeding shaft, the seed is spread using a spreading plate - optimal for slug pellets across large working widths and for spreading various catch crops. Due to the diverse assembly options as well as the simple and quick mounting and conversion on different soil tillage implements, the MDD can be used several times a year for a wide range of applications.

Functional Principle

The "D" stands for "Disc". The seed is precisely metered by a seeding shaft and is then spread by a spreading disc. This model is particularly suitable for large working widths,
e.g. up to 28 m for slug pellets.


  • The best lateral distribution of slug pellets among single-disc spreaders on the market.
  • Adjusting the working width AND the spread rate from the driver's seat
  • Precise speed and rate adaptation (using the seeding shaft)


  • Speed-adjusted seed rate spreading & headland management 2 (with sensors)
  • Smallest to large quantities can be metered with absolute precision (various seeding shaft models and amounts possible)


  • Simple calibration test (with standing and folded disc)
  • Possibility of installing a fill level sensor 1 (optional) and a calibration button 2 (optional)
  • Seeding shafts suitable for common applications are included in the standard equipment
  • Can be converted to MDP or MDG

1 For use with the Control Box 1.2 & 5.2
2 For use with the Control Box 5.2


Application Areas of
MDD 40 M1 | MDD 100 M1

The Multi-Metering System in Action

APV users about MDD

MDD 100 M1
Mr Desivres reports about the MDD 100 M1

"I use the MDD 100 M1 in August for catch crop cultivation (greening, phacelia, Teal Clover, Chinese Radish, bristle oat) and the cultivation of companion plants (mixture Alexandrinerklee, lentils, fenugreek). The Multi-Metering System is built on the front of the tractor on the harrow. In addition, the accompanying rapeseed is spread with a row sowing device in the rear of the tractor. I have chosen a device from APV, because the quality is high and the seed is applied accurately , Furthermore, the device is easy to operate."

E. Desivres, farmer


The Multi-Metering System MDD 100 M1 attached in the front of the tractor on a tined weeder
Mr Wiesbeck reports about the MDD 100 M1

 „The speed-adjusted work of a disc spreader is a tremendous relief for the exact application of my slug pellet."

M. Wiesbeck, Farmer


The Multi-Metering System MDD 100 M1 attached on a quad

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