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Mechanical weed control is worthwhile

The Rotary Hoe (RH) - a weeder with rotating tines that can be turned up to 30 degrees in the direction of travel - suitable for mulch seeding. The rotating hoe rings bury or uproot the weeds, promote tillering of the crop, incorporate oxygen into the soil and break up hard soil crusts. Thanks to the rotating rings, the tines remain free of plant and soil material.


Better soil respiration

The tines of the Tined Weeder AS penetrate the soil while harrowing to a maximum depth of 2-3 cm to break up and crumble the upper soil crust. This ensures better soil aeration and the capillarity is interrupted.
The main focus is on combating unwanted weeds. While the tines sweep over the soil, the weeds, which are already in threads or germinating, are pulled out and deposited on the soil surface. There they wither and die off. This means that approximately 90 % of the weed germs are decimated.


Development stages of weeds

When harrowing, the tines penetrate into the soil surface and primarily bury the weed seedlings. A loose and crumbly soil without crusting is particularly important for this. The smaller the weed seedlings, the more effective the harrowing.
The best efficacy is achieved when they are hardly visible yet, at a very early germination stage. Once the weeds have reached the 2 (to 4) leaf stage, harrowing is generally useless.