ES 100 M3 Special

Just like the ES 100 M1 Classic, the ES 100 M3 Special is well suited for spreading catch crops, grass seeds, nurse crops, slug pellets and similar granules. With the integrated point of impact adjustment and the tilted spreading disc with special throwing vanes, you will achieve larger working widths and a more precise spreading pattern.

Functional Principle

The plastic hopper ensures the low weight of the entire spreader. It contains the spreading material, which securely reaches the metering shutter through an agitator. You can control the spread rate with the stepless metering shutter. The spreading material falls on the spreading disc and is distributed equally across the working width. The speed of the spreading disc and thus the working width are easy to set from the driver’s seat via the control box.


  • Best lateral distribution for slug pellets among Disc Spreaders available on the market (certified by independent testing institutes / specialist publications)
  • Point of impact adjustment for setting the spreading pattern
  • Precise spreading results on large working widths


  • Hopper discharge port
  • Automatic shutter (various tractor linkage sensors possible) - Please order your desired sensor according to selection list.
  • Tested by the IRSTEA institute!


  • Combined use with almost any soil tillage implement possible - This saves time and money!

Application Areas of
ES 100 M3 Special

The Disc Spreader in Action

APV users about ES 100 M3 Special

ES 100 M3 Special
Mister Menke shows his single disc spreader ES 100 M3

Main focus of the company: Arable farming

Works great, so far had no problems.  Super spread pattern.

Mr. Menke, Farmer from Germany


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Mr Egloff reports about the ES 100 M3 Special

,,You can use the spreader very well for the ATV, in addition I have built a roller. The spreader applies the set amount of fertiliser or seed very accurately. It also works very well with grass seed."

P. Egloff, farmer


ES 100 M3 Special
Mr Dirks reports about the ES 100 M3 Special

"The spreader I mainly for spreading grass on my homemade harrow, on a curling roller or on the back of the quad. My areas are quite small, so I occasionally spread fertilizer with the spreader. I like the simple operation of the device, and also the fast adjustment of the speed. Since I only do farming as a sideline, a few years ago I decided to buy a good-looking used APV spreader instead of a new no-name product and do not regret this decision to this day!"

S. Dirks, Farmer


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