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Grünlandprofi GP 300 M1

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Effective grassland management

Basic forage quality is important in livestock farming in order to support the vitality and performance of the animals in the best possible way. The basis is grassland management in the form of currying with reseeding or reseeding of the forage areas. The exact timing and intensity of the cultivation process should always be adapted to the conditions on your meadows, pastures or arable forage areas. Important decision criteria are stand density, soil moisture, undesirable weeds or matted areas and the proportion of grasses that have died out. Use the grassland equipment from APV and create the right basis for optimum basic forage quality!


The right machine for each farm

Site-adapted grassland management requires different demands on the individual implements.
Whether GK, GP or GS, all grassland implements aim to achieve effective and high-quality grassland stands.

The Grassland Combi (GK) opens the soil with its strong tines and the sown seed is pressed on by the following roller. A compact combination that can also be driven split, front-rear.

The Grassland Pro Harrow (GP) offers a unique system. With its 4 harrow rows, 2 x 12 mm and 2 x 8 mm and the roller, the working tools can be individually adapted to all requirements.

This unique harrow system is also offered by the Grassland Harrow (GS). Individually adjustable tines in combination with the spring-loaded levelling plate enable an optimal working pattern.

Combined with a Pneumatic Seeder PS or Multi-Metering System MDP, you can complete several work steps in just one pass. 


Grassland Combi GK

As the name suggests, the Grassland Combi (GK) can be driven in different combinations. This increases flexibility in grassland maintenance and renewal. First, the spring-loaded levelling plate levels molehills and other unevenness. This is followed by 2 rows of harrows with either 12 mm or 10 mm tines. These are independently adjustable. The seed is spread in or after the harrow rows. This can be done either with a Pneumatic Seeder (PS) or with a Multi-Metering System (MDP). To create optimal germination conditions for the seed, a roller presses the seed down. This produces the desired soil contact. The Grassland Combi is ideal for steep terrain because it can be driven in front-rear combination. However, the GK can also be used for small to medium-sized farms in flatter areas.


Grassland Pro Harrow GP

Harrowing, seeding and reconsolidation in one operation. This is the great advantage of the Grassland Pro Harrow (GP), which ensures effective grassland maintenance. The levelling plate removes rough unevenness, such as molehills or game damage. This is followed by 2 harrow rows with 12 mm tines and 2 harrow rows with 8 mm tines. This combination is unique and enables intensive harrowing and at the same time individual adjustment possibilities of the working tools. With the addition of a Pneumatic Seeder (PS), reseeding or new seeding can be carried out in the same operation. For optimal reconsolidation, 3 different roller types are available. This makes the Grassland Pro Harrow perfect for site-specific soil conditions. With the GP 300 M1 and the GP 600 M1, the customer can choose the appropriate working width. Nothing stands in the way of efficient grassland maintenance with the Grassland Pro Harrow.


Grassland Harrow GS

The Grassland Harrow (GS) is used to cultivate the sward in such a way that seed is sown at the same time. All in one operation. The spring-loaded levelling plate levels molehills and piles of soil. The four rows of tines then pull out unwanted grasses and weeds and work the seed gently into the soil - ideal conditions for germination! A different tine thickness of 10 mm and 8 mm enables an even better working result. The Grassland Harrow is unique in agricultural technology! The aggressiveness of the tines is easily adjusted via the feeler wheels or the tine inclination. The Grassland Harrow (GS) with the Pneumatic Seeder (PS) "Full Edition" has been reliably used for years by many farmers in grassland maintenance.

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