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Grassland Pro Harrow GP 300 M1 in action



The efficient allrounder helps to optimally process the surfaces ...

In spring, you often do not know how to get everything under one roof. From grooming, over leveling, to reseeding, all work should be done as quickly as possible.The allrounder from APV can help: The GP 300 M1 Full Edition is perfect for efficient tillage in spring.

The GP 300 M1 combines harrow and roller in one. A leveling rail levels out bumps like molehills and evenly distributes the earth. A unique combination of different tine strengths offers many advantages. The first two rows of tines, each with a thickness of 12mm, make out excess grass or large quantities of weeds. Then the seed is inserted. The following two rows of 8mm tines cull the seeds. The roller provides the necessary ground closure. Here you can choose between 3 rolls.

The pneumatic seeder PS 300 M1, which is built on the GP 300 M1, ensures precise and wind-independent seed placement by the electric double fan.


Items included:

  • Complete implement with 2 harrow sections and roller
  • Spring-mounted levelling plate
  • Harrow sections with cranked 12 mm tines (40), 8 mm tines (56)
  • Heavy grassland Cambridge roller (Ø 390 mm or Ø 530 mm) or toothed ring roller (Ø 410 mm)
  • Lights, access platform
  • PS 300 M1 with electric fan incl. Control Box 5.2 and sensor set: GPSa sensor + tractor linkage upper bar sensor


The advanteges:

  • The Grassland Pro Harrow has a spring-mounted levelling plate for levelling molehills or asperities.
  • Followed by two harrow sections with cranked spring tines of various thicknesses. This combination is unique in agricultural engineering.
  • The tools can be used individually (for example only the roller) or in combination with other tools, depending on the application.



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