Safely through the winter!

Snow and ice removal spreader WD 40 M2

Whether you need to take care of the area around your family home in winter or clear the premises of your company - we will assist you.

The winter slowly covers the whole country and the fields and roads get white. You want to enjoy the winter and don’t want to spend too much time by spreading salt and grit? So let us help you with our Snow and Ice Removal Maschines. Our winter devices are best suited for private use and also for professional use in municipal areas.



Our models

The WD 40 M2 is often mounted on quads or pick-ups and are mostly used in private areas. With its 40 l plastic hopper, you will be able to take about 50 kg of salt.
Due to the cathodic dip coating (CDC), the spreader is corrosion resistant and can be used even in heavy snowfall.

In addition to the winter application, you can also use the Snow and Ice Removal Spreader WD 40 M2 in the warm season for grass seeding and fertilizer application. The Universal Dispensers UDW 100 M1 and UDW 250 M1 are also a reliable partner in the winter months. The dosing unit made of stainless steel is electrically driven. You will be able to control the spread rate comfortable from the driver’s seat. Apart from salt, the spreader can also be used with small-grained spreading grit (max. 5mm Ø).

The universal dispenser is also laminated with a CDC coating. Due to the hopper sizes of the UDW, it is possible to take up to 120 kg of salt with the UDW 100 M1 and up to 280 kg of salt with the UDW 250 M1. Working widths up to 6 meters are no problem for the Universal Dispenser. The exact dosage of up to 20 kg per minute makes the dispenser to a reliable partner for your winter service.

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