Mechanical crop care - with the Tined Weeder Pro.

Tined Weeder Pro VS

The importance of mechanical crop care is growing. At least because of the discussion about the use of glyphosate which is taking place in Austria.

So APV gets the focus on mechanical crop care and offers the Tined Weeder AS, the Rotary Hoe RH and the Tined Weeder Pro VS, a variety of machines that satisfy every requirement for mechanical weed control.

The Tined Weeder Pro - the flexible innovation

The driving force in the mechanical cultivation of APV is the Tined Weeder Pro. Since 2017 the Tined Weeder Pro has been in the product range and is extremely popular. Not only because it can be used in every crop, but also because it can be individually adapted to your own needs.

The Tined Weeder Pro was designed in a way that you can adjust the tine pressure of each individual tine, so that only the tine's own weight is used for harrowing. This extends the possible working time enormously, as the best harrow results can be achieved in the various BBCH/ EC stages. This makes the Tined Weeder Pro unique.

You can harrow not only in the most diverse stages, but also in the most diverse cultures. Thanks to the tine-spring system, the harrow adapts precisely to the soil and is gentle to every crop. Despite the adjustment of the tines, the tine pressure remains constant at the different tine levels.

This means that ridge crops such as potatoes, carrots or similar can also be harrowed without losing their shape.

Compared to conventional crop harrows, the tines of the Tined Weeder Pro are wide and rotatable in the frame. This has the advantage that the tines can only move backwards or upwards and not to the left or right. This results in a unique harrow result, since each tine draws its own track and guarantees full-surface cultivation.

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