Gentle crop care

Der Variostriegel in Dammkultur

Weed control without chemicals!

Gentle, mechanical weed control is becoming increasingly important in both organic and conventional agriculture. As a specialist in the field of gentle cultivation, crop care is always a top priority at APV. With the Tined Weeder Pro VS, the Rotary Hoe RH and the Tined Weeder AS, we offer you machines that meet the highest quality standards.

Weed control made easy!

To achieve effective weed control, it is necessary to catch the undesirable weeds at the smallest possible growth stage. The optimum time to harrow is at the weed's filament stage, when the crop permits a harrowing operation.

Gentle cultivation requires flexible adjustment of the machine. Our cultivation equipment has been designed so that the user can adjust the working tools as required for the respective crop and weed stages.

With its unique tine-spring system, the Tined Weeder Pro VS is suitable for almost all crops because each individual tine adapts to the soil. This means that it is also possible to harrow ridge crops while the ridge retains its shape. With the specially shaped tines, they stay in their track and do not deviate to the left and right. This guarantees a full-surface tillage!

The Rotary Hoe RH is particularly suitable for arable crops with a lot of organic matter on the soil surface. The rotating hoeing rings prevent clogging. A great feature is that each individual hoeing ring can be adjusted in 5° steps from 0-30°. This ensures maximum flexibility.

The Tined Weeder AS harrow is an all-rounder on the field. Due to the individual suspension of the individual harrow sections and the choice of different tine thicknesses, the AS adapts to a wide range of soils. In combination with the hydraulic tine adjustment, the setting becomes even more comfortable.


Tined Weeder Pro VS - with the innovative tine-spring system

Gentle crop care requires flexible adjustment of the implement. The Tined Weeder Pro was therefore designed in such a way that the user can adjust the tine pressure so that only the tine's own weight is used for harrowing. This option allows harrowing even in the sensitive plant stages. In this way, you achieve optimum and gentle harrowing results.

You will only find the innovative tine-spring system on our Tined Weeder Pro. This harrow is one step ahead of conventional cultivation implements, because the tine-spring system adapts precisely to the soil and protects the crop at the highest level. The tine pressure remains constant at different tine levels and this means that even ridge crops such as potato, carrot or similar can be harrowed. The ridge is guaranteed to keep its shape.

Unlike conventional harrows, the tines are wide and pivoted in the frame. This has the advantage that the tines can only move backwards/upwards and not to the left or right. You achieve a unique harrowing result, as each tine draws its own track and guarantees full-surface cultivation.


Rotary Hoe RH - The rotating efficiency

An adjustment mechanism has been developed for the Rotary Hoe, with which the inclination of the hoeing rings can be adjusted in order to adapt the aggressiveness to the crop compatibility. This is possible in 5° steps, in the range of 0-30°. This unique feature of the Rotary Hoe offers you maximum flexibility in gentle crop care.

The special feature of the Rotary Hoe RH is the rotating hoeing rings, which keep the tines free of plant material. This offers a massive advantage, especially in mulch seed stands. Each arm is individually mounted with its hoeing ring and can be adjusted separately. This makes it possible to work aggressively between the rows and less aggressively in the row - adapted to the respective plants - especially in hoeing crops. Individual arms are lifted and locked by means of quick lift. The contact pressure can also be adjusted with a spring on each arm. Together with the 4 feeler wheels, this enables uniform cultivation and smooth running.

A Pneumatic Seeder, up to PS 300 M1, can also be fitted for planting undersown crops or catch crops.


Tined Weeder AS - The all-rounder

The Tined Weeder has 7 mm tines with a line spacing of exactly 31.25 mm. This ensures that each tine really has the same distance to its neighbour - even if the latter is sitting on the neighbouring harrow field. Investigations by the TU Dresden have shown that this spacing provides the best possible and uniform work result.

By breaking up soil crusts in the area up to 2-3 cm deep, the tines penetrate the soil and cause better soil aeration, interrupt capillarity and thus reduce evaporation.

However, the main focus of harrowing is on mechanical weed control. Thus, 90 % of the weed seedlings in the stand are decimated by burying or pulling them out. The prerequisite for this is an ideal harrowing time.

The Tined Weeder AS harrow is available with 6, 9 and 12 m working width and various accessories such as hydraulic tine adjustment, lighting, mounting kit for Pneumatic Seeder PS and much more. You also have the option of equipping the AS with 6 mm or 8 mm tines.

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