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The winter service equipment from APV is ideally suited for private use up to professionals in the municipal sector.

Snow and ice removal spreader WD 40 M2 - small but powerful

The snow and ice removal spreader WD 40 M2 convinces by its versatility for use on a wide variety of implements. Whether on the ATV, the pickup tailgate or a trailer coupling. The assembly is as easy as the operation of the spreader itself. Adjust the spreading width comfortably between 1 and 5 m, even during operation. You can stop the dosage precisely at the push of a button so that the spreading material only lands where it is supposed to.

With a hopper capacity of 40 litres (approx. 50 kg salt), you are well prepared for the next winter.

Universal Dispenser UDW 100 M1 - Universal through the winter

The Universal Dispenser UDW 100 M1 is a reliable device for professional winter service. Its potential is fully exploited with the stainless steel metering unit, which is equipped with a seeding shaft for precise metering. No matter whether salt or fine-grained grit - with the UDW 100 M1 you are well prepared for all situations. The hopper holds a volume of 105 litres (approx. 120kg salt)

The fully electronic regulation of the control box allows you to adjust both the working width and the application rate conveniently from the driver's seat while driving. In addition, special features such as a calibration test for precise metering and an emptying process for complete emptying of the spreading material are also available.

Universal Dispenser UDW 250M1- The Professional

Would you like a little more? Then choose the Universal Dispenser UDW 250 M1. Enjoy all the advantages of the UDW 100 M1 with an extended hopper volume of 250 litres (approx. 280 kg of salt). This makes the UDW 250 M1 ideal for operational or municipal use.


You can optionally equip the UDW with lighting for use in the early morning hours.

To further extend the functionality of the UDW series, we also offer an optional shovel holder (broom, snow shovel etc.) as well as a calibration slide for the calibration test.

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