Conditions of Participation
Register & Win Seeds

1. The organiser is APV – Technische Produkte GmbH, headquartered in 3753 Hötzelsdorf, Dallein 15, Austria.
     Telephone: +43 2913 8001, e-mail:, website:,
     Commercial Register Number: FN 204046 v, Commercial Register Court: 3500 Krems an der Donau, Austria,
     Value-added tax identification number (UID): ATU 5067 1107, DVR: 0335495


2. For questions concerning the prize competition, please contact


3. The participation in the raffle is restricted to participants who complete the whole registration card including all required fields. That means that all raffle flyers must meet the following criteria: (1) Mandatory fields are completed (2) Checkbox for the confirmation of the raffle participation and processing of data is ticked (3) Signature and date are completed.


4. Only participants who are at least 18 years of age are allowed to participate in the prize competition.


5. Participation in the prize competition is free of charge, voluntary and is not linked to a purchase or the signing of a contract. A participation without permission for the processing of data for relating purposes (e.g. Notification of the winners) is not possible.


6. You can win catch crops worth 1.000 euros (first draw), 500 euros (second draw) and 300 euros (third draw) sponsored by APV business partner RWA (Wienerbergstraße 3, 1100 Wien). The prizes include:

  • Selection of preferred seed mixture out of ‚Ackergrün‘ range of products by sponsoring partner RWA
  • Collection or delivery by the nearest RWA subsidiary
  • The prizes equates a voucher for catch crops.


7. Winners will be drawn via a random generator from consenting persons at the end of the prize competition period. The winners will be notified via email after the end of the prize competition period.


8. Participation is free of charge and is independent of the purchase of goods and services.


9. The use of multiple email addresses to increase the chances of winning the prize is allowed.


10. APV – Technische Produkte GmbH reserves the right to exclude participants from the prize competition who violate the conditions of participation, or who, through technical manipulation, attempt to influence the prize competition. In the event of exclusion from the prize competition, prizes can also be retroactively disallowed and reclaimed.


11. APV – Technische Produkte GmbH reserves the right to interrupt, modify or terminate the prize competition at any time, or to change the conditions of participation without notice and without specifying reasons. APV – Technische Produkte GmbH will avail itself of this right, particularly if further execution of the prize competition can no longer be ensured for technical or legal reasons. In this case, any claims for reimbursement of expenses incurred and claims for damages are excluded. We reserve the right to make changes in the course, program and event dates of the competition.


12. Each participant consents that his first name and last name can be published by APV – Technische Produkte GmbH as part of the prize competition. The winner's name will be published on the website and on the Facebook page of APV – Technische Produkte GmbH. Your data will not be shared with third parties without your prior consent.


13. There is no right of legal appeal. The prize cannot be redeemed in cash and participation via the involvement of third parties, e.g. sweepstakes agencies, is not possible.


14. Employees of APV – Technische Produkte GmbH and their family members are excluded from participating in the prize competition.


15. Deadline for Participation is 30th of November, 2020. However, the data updates can be made without any deadline and even after 2018-09-30 via Email to


16. For all participants, APV refers to the General Data Protection Regulation additionally. Furthermore, please not any indications through the company website