From User to Entrepreneur

It has been clear to Jürgen Schöls right from the start that he was going to take over the farm in the Waldviertel (Forest Quarter) of Austria and continue its operation, but he also wanted to follow his own path with own independence.

APV was founded in 1997, according to the motto "Not reinventing the wheel, but rather further developing and optimising good products".

The first implements were hand-made by the young entrepreneur Jürgen Schöls. At the age of only 22, the young entrepreneur already knew that nothing should be accepted as given at APV, rather everything should be scrutinised in terms of the possibilities for further optimisation.

Technology and Innovation – Important Characteristics of the Company

"Innovations for the Future" is the motto at APV and the team lives and works according to the slogan "Inspired by farmers & Realised by Professionals". On the one hand, the knowledge is based on many years of practical experience in agriculture. On the other hand, product management and sales employees at APV are constantly observing the trends and challenges that are posed by the modern agricultural technology market for our customers. For this reason, the engineering department at APV is continuously developing high-quality implements that are characterized by time-saving operation, efficient economics and maximum effectiveness.

The focus of our business operation is ensuring Austrian high quality for APV products. As an innovative company, we want to conquer the European market with our products. Furthermore, our continuous further development is based on the diverse experience of our customers from various regions of Europe and far beyond its borders.

Modern Agricultural Technology for Modern Farmers!

The Managing Director's vision:

„Every modern farmer uses APV technology on his farm."

„Everything is possible!"

Our team is constantly working on this vision in a team of 149 employees (status January 2019) by now who work for APV on a national and international level.
Because only common successes are real successes!

Social and Ecological Responsibility

APV contributes to further development of life quality through the protection of the environment and the conservation of resources. Furthermore, APV's activities strive for economic success and growth to secure jobs at the company.

Employees of whom we can be proud

"We founded a company to achieve remarkable success and to manage our company creatively. A company can only be as good as its employees", Jürgen Schöls and his wife were aware of this right from the beginning and this is why APV's employees are particularly dear to them. Because of this, they focus on the personal growth of their staff and all parties involved in core processes.

"Our ecological responsibility is firmly anchored in the fundamental values of our company." To turn words into deeds, APV has two photovoltaic systems installed on the company premises. Since 2015, an electric filling station is available for everyone to use and the APV vehicle fleet now includes two electric cars. Out of love for the environment and for the next generation!


Sales strength of the Managing Director and the interest in new things led to global expansion

With the innovations from APV, the internationalisation and market penetration was pursued with great zest by the Managing Director and his sales team.
Further locations were founded by opening company-owned subsidiaries: APV Poland, APV Rumania, APV Russia, APV North Germany, APV America, APV Turkey are reliable partners in pursuing the goal of internationalising the company, and belong to the APV family just like the employees at the location in the small town of Dallein in the Waldviertel of Autria.
The extensive network of APV contract partners in more than 35 countries now ensure the highest degree of service expertise for our customers all over Europe.


Where is APV heading in the long term?

We will continue to pursue our successful course. Of course, many factors play a role, including political and scientific changes worldwide, but Jürgen Schöls and his dedicated team all know, according to a quote from Dr. Manfred Winterheller:

„When the right people work together in the right atmosphere, the results are unforeseeable in the most positive sense.“